About Us

We at picknstitch are passionate about knitting, crochet and even lend a hand at embroidery.  We are a family run, small company, whose main objective is to promote stitching in any form, within the community.  Our experience has taught us that these hobbies can be a great source of relaxation and once you have mastered the simple techniques, you can knit with your eyes closed (or perhaps to multitask and watch TV at the same time).  My sister and I both learnt how to knit from our Mother at about the age of 10.  Back then in the iron age, the yarns and patterns available were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today, however the habit stuck.  If you find that your hands are constantly fiddling whilst you and your nearest and dearest are trying to watch TV, then stitching could be for you, at least the fiddling could be put to a productive cause!  If you despair at the amount of time that your children spend playing computer games, then perhaps this could be another creaetive activity for them to learn.  Whatever your reasons, we hope that you dip a toe into the stitching world and enjoy the fruits of your endeavours!

Beware this can be addictive!!!

Welcome to our on-line shop where you can pick your yarn to stitch your own garment, or you can buy it premade from us in a variety of colours.  We will also do specific commissions if you prefer and will source specific yarn for you if you need something that we do not currently have on our web site.  Just select the 'Contact us' section and let us know what you would like.  We will do our utmost to deliver.  Happy Browsing!